Finally, concealed carry handbags with fashion, utility and uniquely affordable!

  • Concealed Carry collection ranges in gun size carry ability so there is a perfect bag for that certain gun size.
  • Our leathers are Full and Top grains to ensure strength, quality and years of use.
  • Featuring 11-ply Slash Resistant shoulder straps designed with coated wire.
  • Concealed compartments feature nylon coil zippers that can self heal, extra stitching and binding on all seams and lining that will not fall over the concealed gun.
  • Lightweight yet durable for years of regular use. Leather will get softer with age to a stunning subtle gloss.
  • Overall design is perfect for everyday use — and may become your favorite handbag!
  • All bags are fully lined polyester.

LATEST NEWS: Launching of
Defensive Training International
for Women!
We are EXCITED and THRILLED beyond the moon that Vicki Farnam now has a web and Blog site! Vicki, a pioneer for over 30 years in the industry, has helped Gun Tote'n Mamas, through education, testing and constantly challenging the products - and us. Gun Tote'n Mamas would not be where we are today without her, in addition to our other INCREDIBLE mentors and the support of YOU, our GTM'rs. Please visit her website and welcome her into the "community". <WEBSITE>

Gun Tote'n Mamas & NRA Store Catalog:

NRA Catalog Cover
Our relationship with the NRA Store catalog is unique, respected and highly appreciated. We were thrilled and honored when all the items we custom make and sell for NRA Store were gathered onto the January catalog cover!



GLOCK Commercial using our GTM-62 Traditional Open Top Tote:

We are PROUD and HONORED that Gun Tote'n Mamas' GTM 62 Traditional Open Tote (in red) was selected by GLOCK for this commercial. GLOCK shows their new G42 - the smallest GLOCK pistol ever introduced. An ideal fit for the GTM 62 - Enjoy !!! Our GTM 62 is available in black or red.